Water Hill Festival

Water Hill Festival



Ann Arbor is the wonderful place it is because of our great neighborhoods.  People work hard to build connections with their neighbors and that is reflected in the strong community bonds and the quality of life seen throughout the Fifth Ward.  

We build a stronger community when we build and maintain safe, clean, and sustainable neighborhoods. That means investing in neighborhood infrastructure like our parks and playgrounds; streets, sidewalks, and crosswalks;  streetlights; and water, sewer, and stormwater systems. This isn’t some far-off dream. It’s a service that residents have every right to expect, and it’s one we have a responsibility to provide. Moreover, we must ensure that it is affordable for all our neighbors (please see my Housing & Affordability white paper for more information).

We are all entitled to safe, clean, and sustainable neighborhoods.   We’re a stronger community when our children can walk to school safely, when our parks and playgrounds are clean and well-maintained, and when we invest in our neighborhood infrastructure (including our parks and playgrounds, our streets and sidewalks, our streetlights, and our water, sewer and stormwater systems).  I don’t believe this is a dream – I believe it’s something our residents want and that we can make it happen.  And I believe that we must make sure that this dream is affordable for everyone (please see my Housing and Affordability white paper for more information about this).

When I see a problem, I look for ways to fix it.  Just one example of my approach: When Argus Farm Stop asked for help creating dedicated 30-minute parking spaces, I worked with Argus staff and the Old West Side Board to get the OWS Residential Parking District amended and those spaces approved.

A City Council representative should be your advocate and should always work to help solve neighborhood issues, whether those issues involve speeding traffic, flooding, potholes, or parking.  I have worked hard to be that advocate for you, working with everyone at the table to find equitable solutions and provide proactive communication from City Hall.

My Priorities:

  • Respond to residents.  You deserve a council member that works hard for you.  Every day. 
  • Continue to improve customer service at City Hall. 
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle safety in all of our neighborhoods. 
  • Improve the effectiveness of traffic enforcement.
  • Implement best practices for snow removal, street sweeping, and road repair. 
  • Work closely with neighborhoods, particularly near-downtown neighborhoods, to develop better parking policies and enforcement.
  • Provide a regular and proactive source of information for 5th Ward residents.