Missy Stults and
Bob Froncko

"We love Ann Arbor. The people and sense of place, the commitment to local business and sustainability, and the willingness to embrace our differences to make our city better. And so does Chip Smith. That's why we are proud to call him our Council member and our friend."


Erica Briggs and 

Don Whitacre

"We support Chip because he's honest, approachable, embodies civility in politics, and he isn't scared to take on the tough problems facing our city: affordability, building a safe and robust transit network, and planning for climate change."


Shauna Revello Wilson

"Chip leads with integrity - always looking out for everyone in Ann Arbor. I find his genuine, thoughtful leadership refreshing!"


Sandy Smith and Linda Lombardini

“Chip is an excellent Council member. His deep knowledge of urban planning and current City issues is a real asset to all Ann Arbor residents.”


Be Kaimowitz

"I'm old like my house and I trust my beloved neighborhood to Chip Smith. He has just the right mix of respect for its unique character and up to date knowledge of urban planning to help Ann Arbor thrive."


Eve Montgomery

"I support Chip because he cares. I have had the pleasure of having both of Chip's daughters in my class, so I know the kind of people he raises. Honest and thoughtful, he is exactly the kind of person I trust to represent the people of Ann Arbor"


Proud to have the endorsements of: 


The Huron Valley Area Labor Federation/AFL-CIO

Washtenaw County Skilled Building Trades

12th Congressional District Democrats


Current and Former Elected Officials:

State Rep Adam Zemke

Mayor Christopher Taylor

Councilmember Zachary Ackerman

Councilmember Julie Grand

Councilmember Graydon Krapohl

Councilmember Chuck Warpehoski

Councilmember Kirk Westphal

County Commissioner Andy LaBarre

County Commissioner Jason Morgan

County Commissioner Conan Smith

Former Mayor John Hieftje

Former Councilmember Sandi Smith

Former Councilmember Margie Teall

AADL Trustee Victoria Green

AADL Trustee Linh Song

AADL Trustee Colleen Sherman

AADL Trustee Jamie Vander Broek


Friends and Neighbors:


George Alter

Michelle & Peter Baker

Eric Bassey

Adam & Mary Bauer

Mark Bernstein

Andy & Alex Blyler

Erica Briggs

Jim & Lori Burke

Casey & Mary Burke

Amanda & Steve Borgsdorf

Lisa & David Borgsdorf

Sam Brdek & Andy Slocum

Daphne & Trevor Brydon

Susan Bryan

Walter & Ava Butzu

Mariah Cherem  

Mark Clevey

Jennifer & Steve Coffman

Harry Cohen

Doug Coombe

Denise & Max Cope

Anne & Norm Cox

Kristen & Brian Diblassio

Shannon Donegan                       

Tracey Easthope

Dorothy Ebersole

Neal Elyakin                     

Tina & Dan Ezekiel

Allen Feldt

Linda Diane Feldt

Annemarie & Luke Forrest

Anna Foster

Caroline & Todd Freitag

Harry Fried

Mary Gallagher

Mike Garfield

Shannan Gibb-Randall

Jeremy Glick

Matt & Rene Greff

Matt & Kelly Grocoff

Rob Goodspeed

Leah Gunn                                                           

Heather & Neil Hammond

Matt & Jen Haran

Jeff Hauptmann

Lucia Heinold

Jean Henry

Shoshonna Hurand

Lauren & George Hutchens

Susan Hutton

Ben Joffe                                       

Penny & Zach Johnson

Meredith Kahn

Ernie Kalina

Lena & Jesse Kauffman

Neal Kessler

Amy Klinke                                           

Rob Kinnaird                                  

Ted Kulka

Amy Kuras

Sarah & Nick Lacy

Mark Lee

Jessica Letaw

Ric Lawson

Hava & Sidney Levitt-Phillips

John Lofy

Linda Lombardini

Aubrey & Jeremy Lopatin

Amanda Lotz & Wes Huffstutter

Kirsten Lund

Susan Major

Fran & Chuck Marchand

Stacey Mates

Anna & Al McWilliams

Jennifer Metsker

Carla Milarch

Bob Miller

Rebecca Modrak & Nick Tobier

Eve Montgomery

Erin & Matt Nelson

Kai Petainen

Adrienne Pisoni & Quinn Strassel

Caleb Poirier

Stacey Printon

Travis Radina

Julie & Jeff Rogers

Scott Rosencrans

Lola Rosewig

Sam Rosewig

Elyce Rotella

Laura Rubin

Charles Rush

Kelly & Martin Sager

Danielle St. Germaine

Abby & Steve Samuels

Lacie & Matt Sandstrom

Katie Scott

Rena Seltzer

Nancy Shore

John Sloat

Adam Smith

Dug Song

John Splitt

Ned Staebler

Trevor Staples

Missy Stults & Bob Froncko

Andrew Stumpff

Grace & Jon Vandervliet

Katie & Martin Vloet

Lori Ward & Scott Munzel

Cathleen & Daryl Weinert

Layale & Bryan Weinert

Jeremy Wheeler

Maria & Derek White

Cara & Justin Wise

Shauna & Kevin Wilson

Emily Youatt

Colleen Zimmerman & Jack Sprague

Elizabeth Ziph

....and many more!