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Dear Friends,

Thanks to your enthusiastic support, we did it! Thank you so much.

There are those who are saying that we won because we had the support of a larger political machine. Friends, you are that machine. Your enthusiasm, encouragement, positive energy and commitment are how we won this election. Because of your help, our do-it-yourself campaign was able to develop a sound strategy, design mailers and literature, build an online and social media presence, shoot videos and knock doors. We won because we talked to people and then listened to what they had to say. We knocked over 7,000 doors over the last four months, and the connections forged on the doorstep and through personal interactions is what won this election.

I am humbled by the primary win. I would like to offer a sincere thanks to everyone who cast a ballot for me, took the time to talk with me on the doorstep, put up a yard sign, donated time or money, canvassed, hosted a house party, made phone calls, shared a post or otherwise shared a positive thought about me. Your enthusiasm and engagement made a difference!

As I have said over the course of this campaign, I’m committed to working together to make a more responsive government, one that tackles our most pressing issues while simultaneously improving the quality of our most basic services. Government should help to solve problems and improve the quality of life for everyone, and I’ll work tirelessly to make sure Ann Arbor’s does just that.

It has been my privilege to talk to so many Fifth Ward folks over the course of the last four months. These conversations have been thoughtful and honest and I will make sure we keep having them. My door is always open to everyone, and I’m interested in how we can expand the community conversation so that everyone has a voice that is heard.

I’m excited to get to work for you.

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